Persian boss Sesumbar Australian midfielder is much better than Rohit Chand

Persian boss Sesumbar Australian midfielder is much better than Rohit Chand

One foreign player from Australia, Isaka Cernak Aongor certainly one step away will join the club Macan Kemayoran. 28-year-old midfielder is planned to conduct medical tests for consideration Persija before recruiting him.

Persija President Director Gede Widiade said medical tests were very important for Isaka before he was offered a contract by Persija. Gede explained, medical tests will be done no later than Thursday (14/12) tomorrow, at one hospital in Jakarta.

“After a medical test he will be seen at the same coach Teco. It means he does not directly sign contracts in Persija, “said Gede.

There is a funny process regarding Gede’s approach to Cernak. The full-name player Isaka Aongor Čerňák-Okanya, who has Ugandan blood was obtained directly by Gede, not through a player’s agent.

“9 AM (yesterday) has arrived. We met Isaka first his agent, so I met him first then his agent was my new phone, “he added.

Even so, the former Chief Operating Officer of Bhayangkara FC was very optimistic with the arrival of this former Roar Brisbane player. In the eyes of Gede, Cernak is considered to have advantages that make the Kemayoran Tiger badly need it. Cernak itself is known to be a multifunctional player.

“Isaka plays like Vizcarra like Rohit Chand, he can also be in front. I think he is a multifunctional player he can play in front of and in the middle of the typical combination Bruno and Rohit, “he said.

Previously Persija must be willing to release Rohit for one thing. That is Rohit can not play full of Persija because he is also part of the Nepali national team.

Last season Rohit often absent for the strength of his country’s national team, Nepal. This will certainly harm Persija if it happens in this season, especially on next season Macan Kemayoran will also compete in the Asian stage.

“Our target for next season should be better than this season. While Rohit next season will miss nine matches due to defend his country. If the absence of that, how to Persijanya? So I’m looking for a player who is not a player national team status, “said Gede.

Barca Restrained, Madrid instead Failed to Win

Barca Restrained, Madrid instead Failed to Win

Barcelona stalled his pace after the offset Celta Vigo Agen judi online. Unfortunately the momentum failed to maximize Real Madrid who went along with the series.

Despite playing at the Camp Nou, Saturday (2/12/2017) tonight yesterday, Barca hassles serving Celta resistance. Had left behind, Barca then turned 2-1 ahead before Celta forced the final score 2-2.

As a result Barca also failed to distance themselves from the pursuit of rivals. Valencia just play tonight and have a chance to cut the distance to two points. Meanwhile Atletico managed to cut the distance so six points after winning over Real Sociedad.

Well, the Barca series also opens opportunities for Madrid to get closer if successful win over Athletic Bilbao in New Mames on Sunday morning local time. Unfortunately Madrid failed to maximize these opportunities.

Instead of earning three points, Madrid returned to perform poorly and throw away many opportunities to make a goal. Despite having 14 attempts, but only four are right on target and they are all raw in the hands of Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Madrid failed to cut the distance and remain disputed eight points from Barca at the top of the league after 14 weeks. Opta recorded a total of 28 points collected Madrid after 14 matches is the lowest since the 2008/2009 season. At that time Madrid had 26 points and finished runner-up under Barca.

With conditions like this, Madrid inevitably overshadowed a bad record that could have been repeated again at the end of this season. Heavy duty for coach Zinedine Zidane to improve the team’s performance, after two weeks ago also played a goalless draw at Atletico headquarters.

“Today, if we make a goal, we can cut the distance.Yes, that’s for sure.we play worse and today and counter Atletico match (draw), we deserve more points.With only one goal we can have four more points much and everything is different, “Zidane said in the US.

Ernesto Valverde Praise Young Attackers Barcelona

Ernesto Valverde Praise Young Attackers Barcelona

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde gave praise to the young striker Jose Arnaiz after scoring the first goal in a 3-0 win over Real Murcia at Estadio Nueva Condomina in the 32nd leg of the Copa del Rey last Tuesday (24/10/2017) .

Arnaiz listed his name on the scoreboard in the 56th minute. 22-year-old player was successfully grabbed bait Denis Suarez and menceploskan ball into the goal Murcia.

According to Valverde, Arnaiz slick appearance due to the confidence he has. The coach expects Arnaiz’s ability to help Barcelona.

“Arnaiz is a player who has faith and always thinks of goals in his head I believe he can help us in the game against Murcia,” Valverde said after the game ended.

“Arnaiz scored a great goal, it is the first step, we see how else he will help Barcelona,” he continued.

Jose Arnaiz joined Barcelona from Real Valladolid for 3.4 million euros (USD 54.1 billion) in the summer transfer window of 2017. However, Arnaiz is more featured for Barcelona B.

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Real Madrid vs Eibar PREDICTION: Los Blancos is Ready to Win Second Position Hunt

Real Madrid vs Eibar PREDICTION: Los Blancos is Ready to Win Second Position Hunt

Having stumbled in the opening of La Liga, Real Madrid began to find consistency in the path of victory In jornada 9 El Real will try to lock the second rank to get closer to their eternal rival, Barcelona, ​​at the top of the league. Can they do it?

After beaten Real Betis at Santiago Bernabeu (20/9), Real Madrid has never again lost in all competitions. Four wins and one draw they pocketed as a sign of awakening. As a result in the domestic arena Cristiano Ronaldo et al back running hard. The third rank can also be secured with a collection of 17 points so far.

But Los Galacticos as defending champion last season will not be satisfied with this apparent achievement. Minimal second position inhabited Valencia they will try tekel. Los Che who only fly with a point of a single point is not a game that is too difficult to pursue. But Madrid should also be careful because they do not own remember Atletico Madrid (16 points), Sevilla (16), and even Leganes (14) are ready to overtake if they are negligent.

While Eibar seems this season will still enliven the competition on the board below. Of the eight jornada, only seven points that they scoop up so that the fifth position from the bottom so their rewards. So far they’ve lost five times.

But the desire to earn extra points this weekend seems to be delayed by Eibar. The reason the Gunsmith will visit the capital, with a record of a very bad conceded when come to the opponent’s headquarters. Of the four away games 12 goals already lodged in their goal. Certainly not a good capital to be brought against Madrid.

Real Madrid Key Player vs. Eibar

Isco Alarcon

Isco is able to continue its slick performance since the beginning of the season. Installed in any scheme, the energetic and creative Spanish midfielder is a perfect match. As a central midfielder in 4-4-2 formation, or one winger at 4-3-3, Isco will remain a hit and it eases entrenador Zinedine Zidane’s job in concocting tactics. So far Isco has scored two goals and two assists.

Sergi Enrich

Sergi Enrich Eibar

The sharpness of Eibar this season is far from good enough. It has been eight missed games but only three goals that they can nest. One of them belongs to Enrich. 27-year attacker is expected to soon find consistency again like last season where in the first half he could buy eight goals.

Players Prediction Prediction

Real Madrid XI (4-3-1-2): Kiko Casilla, Achraf Hakimi, Raphael Varane, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Luka Modric, Casemiro, Toni Kroos, Isco, Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo

Eibar XI (3-5-2): Marko Dmitrovic, Paulo Oliveira, Ivan Ramis, Anaitz Arbilla, Ander Capa, Gonzalo Escalante, Daniel Carrillo, Joan Jordan, David Junca, Enrique Garcia Martinez, Sergi Enrich

Real Madrid vs Eibar Score Prediction

In the last seven meetings of both teams, Real Madrid showed full dominance over Eibar. Six successful victories booked by the White with a big aggregate, 18-2. But Eibar also did not need to shrink the day because last season had to hold Madrid 1-1 at the Bernabeu.

Madrid also deserves to be alert with their home record in La Liga. Already their three home games ended up with less positive results (2-2 vs Valencia, 1-1 vs Levante, 0-1 vs Real Betis). Therefore Zidane must create a scheme that can break all these assumptions.

But apart from the latest trend of Madrid is still a savage team that can make a difference anytime. Given the unstable Eibar it seems that a great victory almost certainly belongs to the host. We predict will not be less than two goals Madrid will ceploskan to goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic. predicts after 90 minutes a score of 3-0 will be plastered on the scoreboard.

Champions League Results, Tottenham Reach One Points at Real Madrid

Champions League Results, Tottenham Reach One Points at Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo became Real’s savior from defeat in Group H Champions League match at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Tuesday (17/10/2017) night or Wednesday morning GMT. Real Madrid drew 1-1 against Tottenham Hotspur.

In the game, Real Madrid left behind because of Raphael Varane own goal. However, Cristiano Ronaldo appeared as a savior when scored the equalizer.

Appear in front of his own supporters, Real Madrid appear to dominate with the ball as much as 61 percent.

Speaking of chances, Real Madrid are also superior rather than Tottenham Hotspur. Total, Real Madrid managed to release 20 shots that six of them on target.

However, more Tottenham under pressure is also capable of creating eleven chances with four shots on target.

The first golden opportunity in this match was obtained by Real Madrid through Cristiano Ronaldo in the fifth minute. Bait from Achraf Hakimi Ronaldo greeted with a header, but still hit the goalposts Tottenham.

Ronaldo again got a chance in the 17th minute. However, horizontal shot just a little sideways from the goalkeeper Tottenham.

New in the 19th minute Tottenham got the first golden opportunity through hard header Harry Kane.

Christian Eriksen’s cross-kick kick successfully met Kane, but the ball that could bounce on the ground can still be secured goalkeeper Keylor Navas.

In the 28th minute, Tottenham actually managed to score a goal. Horizontal cross from Serge Aurier who failed to be greeted by Kane perfectly hit the legs of Raphael Varane and turned into his own goal.

Behind 0-1 to make Real Madrid increase their attacks. Several times Los Merengues have a few chances, but their efforts only paid off in the 43rd minute.

Real Madrid managed to score through Ronaldo’s penalty execution after Toni Kroos was dropped by Serge Aurier in a dangerous area that made the score 1-1 to the final result in the first half.

In the second half, Real Madrid and Tottenham both had many scoring chances.

Real Madrid’s best chance came in the 54th minute, when Benzema welcomed Casemiro’s bait in front of Tottenham’s goal.

However, the French striker’s header ball was still able to thwarted goalkeeper Hugo Lloris brilliantly.

In the 63rd minute until the 65th, Real Madrid got three chances in a row through Ronaldo and Isco. However, everything is still able to secured Lloris perfectly.

The best chance Tottenham in the second round was obtained Kane in the 71st minute.

The horizontal England striker’s kick was still capable of deflecting Navas brilliantly.

Although both teams took turns to attack, a 1-1 draw lasted until the end of the game.

These results make Tottenham managed to get rid of Real Madrid from the top of Group H standings thanks to head-to-head leads with the same points, seven. (Verdi Hendrawan)

Real Madrid 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur (Cristiano Ronaldo 43′-pen; Raphael Varane 28′-suicide)

Real Madrid: 1-Keylor Navas, 4-Sergio Ramos, 12-Marcelo, 5-Raphael Varane, 19-Achraf Hakimi, 22-Francisco Isco (17-Lucas Vazquez 87 ‘), 8-Toni Kroos, 14-Casemiro, 10 -Luka Modric, 7-Cristiano Ronaldo, 9-Karim Benzema (18-Marco Asensio 76 ‘)

Coach: Zinedine Zidane

Tottenham Hotspur: 1-Hugo Lloris, 6-Davinson Sanchez, 5-Jan Vertonghen, 4-Toby Alderweireld, 24-Serge Aurier, 15-Eric Dier, 29-Harry Winks, 17-Moussa Sissoko (7-Son Heung-min 89 ‘), 23-Christian Eriksen, 10-Harry Kane, 18-Fernando Llorente (3-Dany Rose 80’)

Coach: Mauricio Pochettino

Referee: Szymon Marciniak

Antonio Conte Sindir Chelsea’s Young Player

Antonio Conte Sindir Chelsea’s Young Player

Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, teased the young Blues player, Charly Musonda. Conte thinks Musonda spent too much time playing on social media.

Musonda is one of the talented young players owned by the Blue from London. The 21-year-old has three times played with the Blues main squad throughout the 2017-2018 season, with a one-goal collection.

Unfortunately, Musonda complained about the lack of time to play in Chelsea via his Instagram account. The situation earned him a reprimand from Conte.

“This season, we only have three players number 10, Eden Hazard, Willian and Pedro, which will make it possible for Musonda to look bigger, he is a talented player,” said Conte.

“His mind should focus on the field, not social media, I tell Musonda, my job is to help him.” Social media is not a top priority in careers, “added Conte.

Charlie Musonda is a graduate of the Chelsea soccer academy. Previously, he had to undergo a loan at Real Betis in 2015-2016 season.

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Insigne Consider Del Piero As ‘Hero’

Insigne Consider Del Piero As ‘Hero’

Napoli star Lorenzo Insigne revealed an unexpected name in terms of his idol in football, the Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero

“I always say, even if it hurts Neapolitans, my hero is still Del Piero, because for me he is an incredible player and man,” said Insigne.

“The first team I defended was Olimpia Grumnese, from which I joined Napoli. The first trophy I won was the best in the level of young players in Turin. The trophy is bigger than mine! I am very proud.

“In the same year, I was not ogled by Inter or Torino, because they said I was too short. I’m happy with the other results, because I realize my dream to play for Napoli.

“My first goal for Napoli was against Parma. His feelings were unimaginable, for a Neapolitan who scored his first goal at Stadio San Paolo did not happen every day.

“People say I am a very lively player, so I do not have any special tricks that many others use. I really like to poke defenders, cut in and kick. “

Belgian defender is forbidden to leave Barcelona

Belgian defender is forbidden to leave Barcelona

Belgian defender Thomas Vermaelen is very disappointed with his future in Barcelona. Although rarely played, Vermaelen forbidden to leave Barcelona.

After his borrowing in AS Roma ended last season, Vermaelen intended to leave. But at this time, Vermaelen admitted absolutely not played, even to enter the reserve team was difficult.

“The club says I can not go, I have to survive, despite the interest of some clubs, now I can not even play with the reserve team, it’s a difficult situation,” he said as quoted by Marca.

Vermaelen is rumored this season ready to join Anderlech and Everton. Only, Barcelona did not even let the 31-year-old defender go.

Even so, Vermaelen remains positive. He believes the opportunity will still come after appearing in World Cup qualifying with Belgium.

“Of course it’s positive, if I can go back to Barcelona after a few minutes, then they can see I’m ready if the club needs it,” he said.


Belgium, Greece, Kaltim World Cup 2018

Vermaelen also claimed to have talked with the coach related to his performance. He claimed to be ready to wait for an opportunity to play.

“I’ve spoken to the coach and he’s happy with the way I’m training.” Obviously at clubs like Barcelona, ​​three center defenders are not enough they need four or five players, “he said.

“Prohibition of play or injury can make me go back to the team, it can happen very quickly next week may be different,” Vermaelen added.

Robben Called Ancelotti Exercise Method Not Good

Robben Called Ancelotti Exercise Method Not Good

Bayern Munich’s senior winger, Arjen Robben, exposed the ugliness of his former coach, Carlo Ancelotti. The Dutchman said the exercise method is not good Ancelotti.

Ancelotti officially fired from Bayern coach seats last week. The main reason behind the dismissal of the Italian coach was a poor achievement Bayern earned in the last few games.

The peak is when FC Hollywood is defeated by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) with a score of 0-3 in the Champions League. Ancelotti had to be willing to let go of positions that have diembannya since 2016.

But bad news spread alongside Ancelotti’s dismissal. Coach nicknamed Don Carlo was reportedly disliked by Bayern players.

Reportedly, no fewer than five Bayern players who criticize the style of coach of former Juventus coach, AC Milan, Chelsea, PSG and Real Madrid this. One of the players who speak out against Ancelotti is Robben.

“The practice method at my son’s club is better than training with Ancelotti,” Robben said as quoted by from Metro.

Players who retired at the end of last season, Philipp Lahm and Xabi Alonso, also made criticisms of training by Ancelotti at the Allianz Arena. The management retains Don Carlo and ends with the German League title last season.

King Imbang, Persib Pede Not Died Bobotoh

King Imbang, Persib Pede Not Died Bobotoh

Disappointment bobotoh against his favorite team, Persib Bandung began to appear when Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan Cs achieve a draw three times in a row when playing at home Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar rate fair thing that the article as a supporter of course expect maximum results especially when playing with the status of the host.

But Umuh remain optimistic bobotoh will provide maximum support, especially for Persib revival in League 1. He believes bobotoh will not leave Persib.

“I have confidence because this bobotoh already fused, ingrained, whatever for Persib, but they still support,” he said on Tuesday (26/09/2017).

Umuh still appealed to bobotoh not to do things that violate the rules in conveying aspirations or a form of disappointment to the champion ISL 2014.

“I also do not blame the disappointment, but there are rules, it should be natural, we are just less fortunate (got three draws in a stables in a row).”

“Insha Allah we improve and evaluate, all (players and coaching staff) are happy to do better, ask for their prayers for bobotoh so that Persib is better in the future,” said Umuh.