Bellamy: Liverpool will be hard to keep Coutinho

Bellamy: Liverpool will be hard to keep Coutinho

Barcelona recently rumored to have given a second bid with a transfer value of about 90 million pounds for Philippe Coutinho, but the Liverpool side has reportedly rejected it.

The reason, Barca is looking for substitute Neymar after he became the world’s most expensive player with a price of 222 million euros after purchased PSG and Coutinho judged as a decent figure to replace his position.

With this outstanding news Bellamy recently revealed: “Liverpool will be firm. But how long can they do it? No supporters want to hear this, they think their team is the biggest, and they deserve it. ”

“But this is Barcelona. If they ask, it is difficult for players to refuse. This is Coutinho, who has a chance to play with Lionel Messi, the world’s best player, the best club. Who can say that this is not what he deserves? “

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