Persian boss Sesumbar Australian midfielder is much better than Rohit Chand

Persian boss Sesumbar Australian midfielder is much better than Rohit Chand

One foreign player from Australia, Isaka Cernak Aongor certainly one step away will join the club Macan Kemayoran. 28-year-old midfielder is planned to conduct medical tests for consideration Persija before recruiting him.

Persija President Director Gede Widiade said medical tests were very important for Isaka before he was offered a contract by Persija. Gede explained, medical tests will be done no later than Thursday (14/12) tomorrow, at one hospital in Jakarta.

“After a medical test he will be seen at the same coach Teco. It means he does not directly sign contracts in Persija, “said Gede.

There is a funny process regarding Gede’s approach to Cernak. The full-name player Isaka Aongor Čerňák-Okanya, who has Ugandan blood was obtained directly by Gede, not through a player’s agent.

“9 AM (yesterday) has arrived. We met Isaka first his agent, so I met him first then his agent was my new phone, “he added.

Even so, the former Chief Operating Officer of Bhayangkara FC was very optimistic with the arrival of this former Roar Brisbane player. In the eyes of Gede, Cernak is considered to have advantages that make the Kemayoran Tiger badly need it. Cernak itself is known to be a multifunctional player.

“Isaka plays like Vizcarra like Rohit Chand, he can also be in front. I think he is a multifunctional player he can play in front of and in the middle of the typical combination Bruno and Rohit, “he said.

Previously Persija must be willing to release Rohit for one thing. That is Rohit can not play full of Persija because he is also part of the Nepali national team.

Last season Rohit often absent for the strength of his country’s national team, Nepal. This will certainly harm Persija if it happens in this season, especially on next season Macan Kemayoran will also compete in the Asian stage.

“Our target for next season should be better than this season. While Rohit next season will miss nine matches due to defend his country. If the absence of that, how to Persijanya? So I’m looking for a player who is not a player national team status, “said Gede.

Barca Restrained, Madrid instead Failed to Win

Barca Restrained, Madrid instead Failed to Win

Barcelona stalled his pace after the offset Celta Vigo Agen judi online. Unfortunately the momentum failed to maximize Real Madrid who went along with the series.

Despite playing at the Camp Nou, Saturday (2/12/2017) tonight yesterday, Barca hassles serving Celta resistance. Had left behind, Barca then turned 2-1 ahead before Celta forced the final score 2-2.

As a result Barca also failed to distance themselves from the pursuit of rivals. Valencia just play tonight and have a chance to cut the distance to two points. Meanwhile Atletico managed to cut the distance so six points after winning over Real Sociedad.

Well, the Barca series also opens opportunities for Madrid to get closer if successful win over Athletic Bilbao in New Mames on Sunday morning local time. Unfortunately Madrid failed to maximize these opportunities.

Instead of earning three points, Madrid returned to perform poorly and throw away many opportunities to make a goal. Despite having 14 attempts, but only four are right on target and they are all raw in the hands of Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Madrid failed to cut the distance and remain disputed eight points from Barca at the top of the league after 14 weeks. Opta recorded a total of 28 points collected Madrid after 14 matches is the lowest since the 2008/2009 season. At that time Madrid had 26 points and finished runner-up under Barca.

With conditions like this, Madrid inevitably overshadowed a bad record that could have been repeated again at the end of this season. Heavy duty for coach Zinedine Zidane to improve the team’s performance, after two weeks ago also played a goalless draw at Atletico headquarters.

“Today, if we make a goal, we can cut the distance.Yes, that’s for sure.we play worse and today and counter Atletico match (draw), we deserve more points.With only one goal we can have four more points much and everything is different, “Zidane said in the US.