King Imbang, Persib Pede Not Died Bobotoh

King Imbang, Persib Pede Not Died Bobotoh

Disappointment bobotoh against his favorite team, Persib Bandung began to appear when Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan Cs achieve a draw three times in a row when playing at home Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar rate fair thing that the article as a supporter of course expect maximum results especially when playing with the status of the host.

But Umuh remain optimistic bobotoh will provide maximum support, especially for Persib revival in League 1. He believes bobotoh will not leave Persib.

“I have confidence because this bobotoh already fused, ingrained, whatever for Persib, but they still support,” he said on Tuesday (26/09/2017).

Umuh still appealed to bobotoh not to do things that violate the rules in conveying aspirations or a form of disappointment to the champion ISL 2014.

“I also do not blame the disappointment, but there are rules, it should be natural, we are just less fortunate (got three draws in a stables in a row).”

“Insha Allah we improve and evaluate, all (players and coaching staff) are happy to do better, ask for their prayers for bobotoh so that Persib is better in the future,” said Umuh.

Persib Disappointed with Ezechiel Appearance, Why?

Persib Disappointed with Ezechiel Appearance, Why?

Persib Bandung management claim satisfied with the appearance of striker Ezechiel N’Doassel since joining the beginning of the second round of the League 1 competition. In the four matches, the player from Chad, successfully bring Persib won two wins and two draws and managed to score two goals and four assists .

Has the ideal posture, drible ability and able to adapt quickly to capital Ezechiel became an instant predator in the front line Persib, which is considered during this barren.

“Yesterday also all can see his appearance.No chance (his ability has been proven),” said manager Persib, Umuh Muchtar, Tuesday (5/9/2017).

But Umuh considered the former Hapoel Tel Aviv player has not shown true ability. He considers Ezechiel still need the process of adaptation with Atep Cs and restore his physical condition.

“Ezechiel (Eze) is approaching even if not 100 percent, God willing, the future will be better,” he said.

Ezechiel himself was sent Persib on a free transfer to replace Carlton Cole. Persib kick Cole after being judged to have no positive impact.

New Colour

Ezechiel N’Douassel

Persib Bandung attacker, Ezechiel N’Douassel became a new idol for bobotoh, the title Persib supporters. The Chad player’s appearance in two matches was able to give new colors to the Maung Bandung skuat attack line and make bobotoh fall in love.

Ezechiel’s agent, Amougou Mathieu says his client still has not shown his best game. According to him, Ezechiel is still in the process of adaptation.

“If satisfied he (Ezechiel) may not be satisfied, from the appearance he still wants to prove can more than this time,” he said.

“It’s still early on, he told bobotoh he wants to print a lot of goals and help Persib to the top and he believes it can be.The result yesterday (against Persegres Gresik United) so one motivation may be better in the future,” he said, adding.